Tobacco trade at USA

Published on September 17th, 2013 00:00

Tobacco companies continue marketing their products across the country and around the entire world, through treacherous advertisement campaigns that align low income communities, communities of color and the LGBTQ community. The new arena has been found to operate their tobacco products international commerce agreements. Tobacco firms have accelerated their use of trade rules to return and retention of tobacco control measures that range marketing of tobacco in USA, Ireland, Uruguay, Norway and Australia.

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Medical advocates and public health in the USA have incite the USA trade and the presidential appointee who negotiates the agreements of behalf of the USA on present ads protection, using and selling rules and tobacco products are worked out in a trade of 12 Pacific Rim including the USA, well known as the Trans-pacific Partnership Agreement, and they have absolutely fairness.

California and San Francisco have led some years on policies designed to make people smoke free, including taxes, banning and limitation of ads and reduce teen's access to tobacco products. Grant rights to compete regional, states and nations public health policies and tobacco control. Countries that deal issues encounter rigid financial fines, payable only to the corporations.

Tobacco is a legal consumer product beside the fact that in some places it is banned. Tobacco should be smoked not in excess beside the fact it cause some health problems it is burning cholesterol from smokers body. If to think that it causes problems we can say the same about alcohol, coffee that are also bad for people's health but many of us drink them.

The Trans pacific agreement may prolong the worst of trade agreements. Philip Morris has incite USA trade intermediary to liquidate all tariffs to make tobacco as a cheap product and widely used, and to extend tobacco rights to liquidate protection on advertising, using and selling tobacco production. The USA proposal on tobacco will be discussed in Washington with the trans-Pacific partners this week.

Americans interested about the health that have the opportunity to take a support to vapor the reach of Big Tobacco, and protect health of the public from tobacco beside the fact that tobacco in many people's opinion is not the worst product.