How to Roll a Cigarette

How to Roll a Cigarette

How to Roll a Cigarette Cigarette smoking is a habit of many people. They can easily buy one from stores and use it freely even though they are forbi…

How to Roll a CigaretteHow to Roll a Cigarette

Cigarette smoking is a habit of many people. They can easily buy one from stores and use it freely even though they are forbidden to do so. They enjoy smoking, maybe because it became part of their life. Someone may prefer using this and defend it innocently giving off reasons he made for himself. Yes, businessmen benefit by establishing a cigarette factory. But this is not the case, its health and life we’re talking here.

Cigarettes can also be made and used fresh but some are not. Other people, to assure that the substances of the cigarette they’re using are premium and pure, they made their own cigarettes.  You can learn about How to Roll a Cigarette here. You can do this also even at your home. Just having the primary ingredients of the cigarette and the materials that will be vital to use, you can make your own cigarette with some benefits. One common mess anyone can make while making the cigarette is the way to roll it. In this section, we will learn the proper way of rolling your cigarettes so that your effort in making some will not be wasted. There are two methods ho to roll a cigarette perfectly. Both of these methods can end up in the right cigarette you used to smoke, replicating what you usually buy in stores. The methods are:

  1. Traditional hand rolled method – time tested and easy to work on
  2. Using the more automated home cigarette rolling machine – might be complicated but can be familiarized in the latter part.

Instructions on How to Roll a Cigarette

The first method how to roll a cigarette is by your bare hands. More people smokes, and most of them roll their own cigarettes. Here are the few steps how to roll a cigarette using your own hands.

  1. In a flat surface, prepare you cigarette papers. When you open it, aside from creating a dish where you will put the tobacco in, you will notice a glued edge which will seal close the cigarette.
  2. Now, pinch out a small amount of tobacco. It may be hard for first-timers to judge the amount. If you are a beginner, start with a little less than a tablespoon. You can add more if you want. Too much tobacco, making it over packed is harder to draw, while too little tobacco, making it loose will begin sucking air inside. Which means making it neither very packed nor loose will be excellent in rolling your cigarettes perfectly.
  3. Place the tobacco in the paper. Spread it out evenly letting it extend out for about half an inch on both sides. Roll evenly.
  4. Carefully pick up your fledgling cigarette in both hands- two fingers on the far side and thumbs on the side closest to you. Position your hands in a 45 degree angle, without touching fingertips. Begin lightly packing your tobacco into shape by rolling the front fold of your paper up and down with your thumbs. Do this a couple of times to form it into a cylinder shape.
  5. Roll the paper over the cigarette. This might be the trickiest part. You can start by rolling your thumbs downward until the edge of the paper is close to your cylinder of tobacco. Now use your thumbs to roll it over the top of your cylinder. Continue rolling until the top half inch which is the glue, is exposed.
  6. Seal it. Lightly moisten the glued edge and stick it. Leave it for a while. Now you have your cigarette.

How to Roll a Cigarette using a Cigarette Rolling Machine

The second method how to roll your cigarette is by using rolling machines. This one is quite easier yet requires a little practice to familiarize. The basic concept is the same. They can be as simple as manual units with little plungers to push the tobacco into the tube, or they can be made of wood or steel and will have little mechanisms to inject the tobacco into the tube.

Learn How to Roll a Cigarette Using a Cigarette Rolling Machine

Here is just some of the fundamental knowledge when you make your own cigarette but this mainly focuses on how to roll a cigarette. This one is useful because you can save more money. But it is very vital to consider our physical limitations before using too much of it and regret later, that is why you should learn how to roll a cigarette!

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