Menthol Cigarettes

Menthol Cigarettes

What are Menthol Cigarettes? Menthol Cigarettes are different than regular cigarettes in which they have a non-tobacco additive in them that makes th…

Menthol CigarettesWhat are Menthol Cigarettes?

Menthol Cigarettes are different than regular cigarettes in which they have a non-tobacco additive in them that makes them taste minty when inhaled.  Cigarette Smokers who enjoy menthol cigarettes like the “cool” feeling they get when they light up and take a drag on menthol cigarettes.  Although these “cool” cigarettes have a non-tobacco menthol additive in them, they are still generally priced the same as any other regular cigarette pack.

Who Makes Menthol Cigarettes?

Many popular manufacturers make menthol cigarettes.  The most well known manufacturers of menthol cigarettes are big brand names like Philip Morris, who make Marlboro Cigarettes (get Marlboro Cigarette Coupons!), Kool Cigarettes, Salem Cigarettes and Newport Cigarettes, whose entire brand of cigarettes is primarily all menthol cigarettes.  In recent years, extremely popular cigarette manufacturer, RJ Reynolds, designed a cigarette that the cigarette smoker could, “activate” menthol inside of a cigarettes.  These cigarettes, known as Camel Crush are good for smokers who enjoy smoking regular camels, but have the option of smoking menthol cigarettes every once and a while, by pushing firmly on the filter of Camel Crush cigarettes, and thus releasing menthol.

Menthol Cigarettes Gaining in Popularity

In the past few years, Menthol Cigarettes have begun to increase in popularity, especially in women smokers nationwide.  It is believed that women smokers like menthol cigarettes better because of their “fresher” taste, and they are believed to leave less of an odor after you have smoked a whole cigarette.  Menthol Cigarettes are also great because you can find free menthol cigarette coupons very easily, and purchase Menthol Cigarettes using these cigarette coupons!

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