Indian Reservation Cigarettes

Indian Reservation Cigarettes

Indian Reservation Cigarettes Indian Reservation Cigarettes are the same quality cigarettes you currently smoke, however, are usually tax free, and c…

Indian Reservation CigarettesIndian Reservation Cigarettes

Indian Reservation Cigarettes are the same quality cigarettes you currently smoke, however, are usually tax free, and cost a lot less then the cigarettes your used to buying from your tobacco shops, gas stations, and grocery stores.  The reason why they are able to sell tax free cigarettes is because Indian Reservations are tax exempt from items (such as exempt Cigarettes) and then pass the savings on to you, so you save more money on your favorite brand of cigarettes!

Where can I buy Indian Reservation Cigarettes?

Whether you know it or not, there are a ton of Indian Reservations all across the United States.  The good thing about Indian Reservations, is that you can buy Cigarettes on Indian Reservations and not be charged heavily on taxes for cigarettes.  One thing that people don’t realize is, the reason why cigarettes are so expensive, is that the federal and state governments have placed their own taxes on tobacco, driving up the price for the retailer and consumers.

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Buying Indian Reservation Cigarettes

You can do a simple search that shows you where you can purchase Indian Reservation Cigarettes.  Most likely, you will first want to find where an Indian Reservation is in your state.  Even if it is 50-100 miles away, the cost saving benefits of purchasing indian reservation cigarettes are usually worth it!

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