Roll Your Own Cigarettes

Roll your own Cigarettes

Roll your own Cigarettes When you roll your own cigarettes, you could potentially save a lot of money each month then compared to a person who goes o…

Roll your Own CigarettesRoll your own Cigarettes

When you roll your own cigarettes, you could potentially save a lot of money each month then compared to a person who goes out and buys their cigarettes from a grocery store, gas station, or tobacco shop.  One of the best things about rolling your own cigarettes is the amount of money that you will save.  Another great thing about having the ability to roll your own cigarettes is you can pretty much choose the strength of flavor that you want your cigarette to be.  If you want your cigarettes to be a little bit stronger, then add some stronger tobacco to it.  If you want your cigarettes to have a light taste to them, when you roll your own cigarettes, just add a little of the light tobacco to them.

How to Roll your own Cigarettes

There are several ways to roll your own cigarettes.  As the name suggest, you can literally take tobacco, get some smoking papers, and literally roll your tobacco into the cigarette, seal it, and smoke it just like any other traditional cigarette.  The only bad thing about that is, that it takes a while, and your cigarettes tend to break often.  Probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to roll your own cigarettes is to get an electronic or hand cranked cigarette machine.  What you typically do if you want to roll your own cigarettes using these machines, is put the tobacco you have bought into one part of the machine, and then get an empty cigarette tub (either filtered or non filtered) press a button or turn a hand crank, and instantly your cigarette gets stuffed with the tobacco.  It literally takes less then 1 minute to roll your own cigarette using cigarette machines.

Cost to Roll your Own Cigarettes

As stated above, you can literally save hundreds of dollars a month when you roll your own cigarettes.  Depending on what type of cigarette rolling machine you want to purchase, the empty cigarettes you want to purchase, and what kind of tobacco you’d want to roll.  You can buy a cigarette rolling machine anywhere from $20.00 upwards to $100.00.  You can buy the empty cigarette tubes for as little as $4.00 per 1000.  When you roll your own cigarettes, you definitely save a lot of money in the long run on your cigarette purchases!

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